We value companionship

When many people think of a home care services, they often don’t think of companionship. Though compassionate caregivers can assist you or your loved one with a range of non-medical needs, the importance of being there for someone makes a difference. Every caregiver is matched with a client based on their needs and personalities. We make sure that our clients can develop a special bond with their caregivers so that they always feel comfortable expressing themselves, sharing their feelings, and asking for assistance when they need it.

Companion Care

Regardless of age, health, or place of origin, companionship is a necessity. The power of connecting with someone can’t be understated. At Golden Heart Home Care Service, we believe that everyone, should have someone they can trust, talk to, and rely on for assistance with everyday activities.

Companion care is the most common care that we provide. It ranges from sitting, chatting, and reminiscing with someone to accompanying them on visits to see family or friends. No one is ever too Just because one is aging or encountering health difficulties doesn’t mean their social activities should come to an end. Companion care will make staying connected and involved easy while giving family the peace of mind knowing that their loved one has someone that they can always count on.

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Always here for you

At Golden Heart Home Care Service, our clients must always know they will have assistance when they need it. We will always be happy to schedule our services at times and frequencies that will ensure your needs are met. We give people the help they need to live at the place they love.

Golden Heart Home Care Service is a pioneer in the non-medical home care industry and has been setting the standard since day one.

Our Care Givers are

Subject to a rigorous interview process, including national background checks and personal and professional reference reviews. 

  • Screened for empathy
  • Trained to provide the best quality of life care for seniors and other adults that need assistance at home
  • Matched for client compatibility
  • Bonded, insured and covered by workers’ compensation
  • Subject to a rigorous interview process, including national background checks and professional reference reviews
  • Focused on Interactive Caregiving™, which means caregivers do things with the client when possible, instead of for them, to keep clients engaged and active
  • Employees, not contractors


Why interactive care giving?

Caring for the whole person is at the center of our Interactive Caregiving philosophy. It’s a holistic approach that cares for the mind, body, spirit and well-being. Instead of just doing for your loved ones, we use every moment to do with them. We have seen this philosophy elevate seniors’ sense of purpose and control and turn little tasks into memorable moments. This helps caregivers and clients develop lasting friendship and fosters purpose for both.

We incorporate technology to help elders connect with family and savor memories. And, Interactive Caregiving means our care coordinators assess your senior’s well-being and inform family members at every step.

Our promise

High quality care

Fast, reliable 

Golden Heart Home Care Service customer satisfaction is 10 times higher than industry average. We offer unprecedented choice in quality home caregivers, modern technology solutions and exceptional customer service

An advocate who cares

Happier caregivers

By taking proper care of our caregivers, they are then able to take better care of your loved ones. Improved quality of life makes for happier caregivers and clients

Our team

We have qualified team members who are always there to help

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The consultant

Always there for you 

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He will make sure your money has value

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Customer support

For all your technical needs 

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